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Swing on over

I’m a do-er. What’s a do-er you ask? Well a do-er is someone that doesn’t sit on the sidelines and let other people play the game. A do-er does! Get it? Being a do-er, I do not relax enough! Maybe because it’s that I haven’t scheduled time in my planner to relax. Whatever the reason is, I would love to be able to relax more! Sometimes we lose ourselves with our busy schedules that we forget — and it’s so important!

I think that maybe if I had a porch swing (or just a porch in general) that having a space would help me create a relaxed environment. ANd hopefully motivation to relax too.

Porch Swing

Porch Swing

If this doesn’t say relaxing then I’m not exactly sure what does. A girl can dream right? Do you have a porch swing? I would love to see your pictures! What’s your favorite thing to do on your porch swing? Drink coffee? Read? I would love to hear from you!

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