The things that I would do to have you…

I wouldn’t consider myself a clean person. I may or may not be known for my clutter… and by that I mean that I usually am the cause to a big pile of clutter. Right now, I don’t have a lot of space to put my clothes. I think I bought a cheap closet at Ikea. I don’t have a fabulous walkin closet where I can spaciously hang/fold all my clothes. I think having a walkin closet would save me so much time every morning. Just imagine being able to see all of your clothes all at once. Wouldn’t that help you be more decisive so you can pick out your outfit in the morning or am I being crazy? Anyways, long story short is that I want a walkin closet.

What do your closets look like? Do you have a walkin? Or something like what I have…which isn’t good enough!


Beauty is everything

I think I’m overloading myself with Pinterest. It keeps showing me all these new ways that I can organize my entire life, and I want it ALL.

Getting ready in the morning can really be difficult sometimes. I have a lot of stuff that I need to use in order to get ready but between my bathroom and room there is really no good place to put it. My blow dryer will end up on the floor, curling iron on the bed and I don’t even know where my straightener ends up most days. I think we all know that putting it in a drawer just does not work. It never stays put!

This is what I found on Pinterest:

I think my bathroom would be much more organized and beautiful if I had this. It’s such a simple idea.. .but brilliant! By putting your blow dryer, curling iron, straightener and whatever else you have underneath the bathroom sink it gives you the access you need to use these tools whenever you need.

Do you have an even better system then this? Please tell me how you organize your essential morning tools! 🙂



Where did they go?

Here is a list of things that are hard/annoying to store:

  1. Toaster
  2. Blender
  3. Washing machine and drier
  4. Detergent
  5. Coffee pot

And this list could go on forever. These are not exactly the prettiest items we have in our home, and in my opinion are better not to be seen unless in use. Seeing everyone’s kitchen appliances out on the kitchen counter isn’t always the classiest look. We all know it’s there so why do we have to see it? Anyways, look at what I just found!!




I suggest you check out this website for some images of even more ways to hide those pesky appliances.

Do you have any ideas of creative way to store appliances? Please let me know of some your ways to create extra storage! 🙂



Sleep over perfection

When I was a kid, I had a sleepover almost every single weekend. It was great! We would get some sleeping bags or just a couple of blankets and have such a great night. As an adult, sleepovers as not so common. And they definitely are not called sleepovers. As kids, we would sleep in the same room but as adults we need a whole separate room for our guests. As much as I like guests rooms, LOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND ON PINTEREST!

Awesome guest basement idea

Awesome guest basement idea


It’s like the more mature version of a sleepover. Sleepover for adults!

What are some of your ideas for guest rooms?


When I was a little girl, I used to have these fantasies about being a spy. I had all of the essential gadgets at home: walkie-talkies, night vision goggles and a crazy watch where I could record my voice. The one thing I never had was a secret layer where I could be alone with my thoughts. The movies always showed me the bookcases where pulling on just one book would open the room up to a spy’s secret spot. Well guess what I just found on Pinterest…..


Secret Bookshelf

Secret Bookshelf

So, is this realistic to put in my dream home? Probably not. It’s probably not even necessary. But how awesome would it be to have?

Do you have any secrets in your home?? I would love to hear!

Backyard fantasy

I’m starting to have a problem with Pinterest. My dream home is becoming bigger and bigger but my budget isn’t moving. Today I typed the word ‘pool’ into the search bar because it’s been so hot out recently….BIG MISTAKE. The pools that came up in the search results were beautiful and magnificent looking. But most importantly, totally unattainable.

Amazing Pool

Amazing Pool

How beautiful is this? Can this really be someone’s backyard?? I don’t even want to imagine that someone gets to see this everyday. It’s just not fair. Anyone have any ideas of pools that are within a much smaller budget?I would love to hear some tips and suggestions!

Where to put it all..

Something I am constantly looking for is more space. More space to put my stuff so it doesn’t end up in clutter where I don’t need it. The kitchen is one place where you do not want to run out of space. You always need to make sure that the surfaces are clean and that everything has a place. After all, it’s the second most important room in your home! (Your  bedroom is first of course!)

For those of you with storage in the kitchen problems, maybe this blog can help you out!



What are some other tips you have to kitchen storage? How else can I store my stuff in the kitchen?

Swing on over

I’m a do-er. What’s a do-er you ask? Well a do-er is someone that doesn’t sit on the sidelines and let other people play the game. A do-er does! Get it? Being a do-er, I do not relax enough! Maybe because it’s that I haven’t scheduled time in my planner to relax. Whatever the reason is, I would love to be able to relax more! Sometimes we lose ourselves with our busy schedules that we forget — and it’s so important!

I think that maybe if I had a porch swing (or just a porch in general) that having a space would help me create a relaxed environment. ANd hopefully motivation to relax too.

Porch Swing

Porch Swing

If this doesn’t say relaxing then I’m not exactly sure what does. A girl can dream right? Do you have a porch swing? I would love to see your pictures! What’s your favorite thing to do on your porch swing? Drink coffee? Read? I would love to hear from you!

Come on baby light my fire

I think that every classic American home must include a fireplace. It’s what can bring a family together. Fireplaces can have many different functions for your home. Here are 5:

  1. First of all (and most obviously) heat and light. I can’t tell you how many times we have had power outages in my home but I know that every time we did, we would always use the fireplace. It was a lot easier to light the fireplace then 100 candles.
  2. S’mores. Yup. That is reason number 2 on my list. (Again, sticking with the American theme here.) A fireplace is the perfect place to make them besides a campfire in the middle of the woods.
  3. Romance. It’s so romantic to sit in your living room and just talk or watch a movie with the fire going.
  4. Home decoration. Look at this picture with the beautiful stones around the fireplace. How beautiful is that? We should all be so lucky to one day get a fireplace like this.
    Beautiful Fireplace

    Beautiful Fireplace

    5.  Elegance. I think that a fireplace adds a lot of elegance to a home. It’s beautiful all on it’s own.

I’m really interested in some of your opinions of fireplaces. What are the most beautiful fireplaces you’ve seen? Where are they? Are they in your living room/bedroom? If so, just know that I am extremely envious.

It’s 5 somewhere…

I’m just going to come right out and say it because I don’t want to hide it anymore. I love wine! Whew! Glad I could get that off of my chest. I always say, ‘you never know when wine can come in handy’. Having easy access to your wine is ESSENTIAL because not all of us have wine cellars.

Now, nothing is more relaxing then coming home after a long day from work then sitting in your kitchen and drinking a glass of wine. It feels great every time. So look what I just found. It has everything that you could need.



I just love this because it’s right in the kitchen and you can store all the bottles that you need. It looks awesome in the wall column and would definitely be a conversation starter.


So what do you think? Would this be something you’re interested in putting in your home?

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