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Slide on over… Modern take on sliding glass door

How beautiful are these doors? Look at all the light it can let through. A girl can dream right?

Up and Down a Spiral Staircase

I really want my home one day to be beautiful and elegant. Something I personally think is chic (and I know not everyone will agree) is a spiral staircase. I’ve never seen a spiral staircase that I don’t like. I think I think that because it’s beautiful on it’s own. It doesn’t need a special rug or anything else to put on it because it is good as it is. It doesn’t need anything added to it to make it better.

What are your thoughts on spiral staircases? Do you love them? Hate them? Do you have an opinion on them at all? What do you staircases look like?

Puppy face

Ok. I’m sorry but I had to do it. I’m a dog lover and  I think that no home is complete without a dog. I’m very sad because I recently had to give my dog up for adoption. He was a German Shepherd and is too big to take with me to a new apartment. I’m really sad because no home should be dog-less, but right now mine is! Today instead of using Pinterest, I used Google. I typed dog into the search and look what came up!

You would be CRAZY if you didn’t want to come home to that face everyday! So precious! What kind of dogs do you have? How does your home feel to have a dog in it? Or better yet… post a picture of your dog! I would love to see!

To work or not to work, that is the question

I have to say right now that I’m a little bit disappointed. I’m currently on the look out for some good desk options. So naturally, I typed ‘desks’ into the search option of Pinterest. I honestly didn’t find much of what I like on it. And that’s a first. Usually I find too much of what I like on Pinterest, but never nothing at all. Can anyone give me some advice on what a good desk would look like? And where I should put it? Something affordable would be great! 🙂

Where did they go?

Here is a list of things that are hard/annoying to store:

  1. Toaster
  2. Blender
  3. Washing machine and drier
  4. Detergent
  5. Coffee pot

And this list could go on forever. These are not exactly the prettiest items we have in our home, and in my opinion are better not to be seen unless in use. Seeing everyone’s kitchen appliances out on the kitchen counter isn’t always the classiest look. We all know it’s there so why do we have to see it? Anyways, look at what I just found!!




I suggest you check out this website for some images of even more ways to hide those pesky appliances.

Do you have any ideas of creative way to store appliances? Please let me know of some your ways to create extra storage! 🙂




When I was a little girl, I used to have these fantasies about being a spy. I had all of the essential gadgets at home: walkie-talkies, night vision goggles and a crazy watch where I could record my voice. The one thing I never had was a secret layer where I could be alone with my thoughts. The movies always showed me the bookcases where pulling on just one book would open the room up to a spy’s secret spot. Well guess what I just found on Pinterest…..


Secret Bookshelf

Secret Bookshelf

So, is this realistic to put in my dream home? Probably not. It’s probably not even necessary. But how awesome would it be to have?

Do you have any secrets in your home?? I would love to hear!

Come on baby light my fire

I think that every classic American home must include a fireplace. It’s what can bring a family together. Fireplaces can have many different functions for your home. Here are 5:

  1. First of all (and most obviously) heat and light. I can’t tell you how many times we have had power outages in my home but I know that every time we did, we would always use the fireplace. It was a lot easier to light the fireplace then 100 candles.
  2. S’mores. Yup. That is reason number 2 on my list. (Again, sticking with the American theme here.) A fireplace is the perfect place to make them besides a campfire in the middle of the woods.
  3. Romance. It’s so romantic to sit in your living room and just talk or watch a movie with the fire going.
  4. Home decoration. Look at this picture with the beautiful stones around the fireplace. How beautiful is that? We should all be so lucky to one day get a fireplace like this.
    Beautiful Fireplace

    Beautiful Fireplace

    5.  Elegance. I think that a fireplace adds a lot of elegance to a home. It’s beautiful all on it’s own.

I’m really interested in some of your opinions of fireplaces. What are the most beautiful fireplaces you’ve seen? Where are they? Are they in your living room/bedroom? If so, just know that I am extremely envious.

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