Puppy face

Ok. I’m sorry but I had to do it. I’m a dog lover and  I think that no home is complete without a dog. I’m very sad because I recently had to give my dog up for adoption. He was a German Shepherd and is too big to take with me to a new apartment. I’m really sad because no home should be dog-less, but right now mine is! Today instead of using Pinterest, I used Google. I typed dog into the search and look what came up!

You would be CRAZY if you didn’t want to come home to that face everyday! So precious! What kind of dogs do you have? How does your home feel to have a dog in it? Or better yet… post a picture of your dog! I would love to see!

8 responses

  1. That dog is so adorable. I am dog-less also due to the apartment I live in doesn’t allow dogs. When we get a house though we will certainly get one.

  2. I love that dog! I had a Bichon Yorkie (Harley) but he became sick just recently…so…we lost him…not ready yet for another but this pic is really, really cute!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that 😦 I definitely understand you not being ready yet.

    2. (((hugs))) we lost our Morkie, Alfie, after having him for less than a month, Parvo…was horrible…I feel for you with your Harley!

      1. Sorry for your loss after such a short period of time! And thanks for the sympathies.

  3. Now that we have a dog our home would be odd without one…Shamus is our sweet puppy face! http://nanayane.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/shamus-and-the-kiddles/

    1. Aw Shamus, what a sweet dog!

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