The things that I would do to have you…

I wouldn’t consider myself a clean person. I may or may not be known for my clutter… and by that I mean that I usually am the cause to a big pile of clutter. Right now, I don’t have a lot of space to put my clothes. I think I bought a cheap closet at Ikea. I don’t have a fabulous walkin closet where I can spaciously hang/fold all my clothes. I think having a walkin closet would save me so much time every morning. Just imagine being able to see all of your clothes all at once. Wouldn’t that help you be more decisive so you can pick out your outfit in the morning or am I being crazy? Anyways, long story short is that I want a walkin closet.

What do your closets look like? Do you have a walkin? Or something like what I have…which isn’t good enough!

3 responses

  1. ohhh I also would adore a closet like this! xx Cat

  2. trust me, walk in closets are not always the answer. If mine looked like this picture I would love it 🙂

    1. How could they not be the answer? What happened to yours?

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