Beauty is everything

I think I’m overloading myself with Pinterest. It keeps showing me all these new ways that I can organize my entire life, and I want it ALL.

Getting ready in the morning can really be difficult sometimes. I have a lot of stuff that I need to use in order to get ready but between my bathroom and room there is really no good place to put it. My blow dryer will end up on the floor, curling iron on the bed and I don’t even know where my straightener ends up most days. I think we all know that putting it in a drawer just does not work. It never stays put!

This is what I found on Pinterest:

I think my bathroom would be much more organized and beautiful if I had this. It’s such a simple idea.. .but brilliant! By putting your blow dryer, curling iron, straightener and whatever else you have underneath the bathroom sink it gives you the access you need to use these tools whenever you need.

Do you have an even better system then this? Please tell me how you organize your essential morning tools! 🙂




2 responses

  1. wow i could definately use this too 🙂 I have some vintage hooks on my bathroom wall and i hang my straightener and blowdryer on them so they are off the vanity… great post.. xx Cat

    1. Thanks Cat! Where did you get your vintage hooks from? That’s a really simple way to get them out of the way too! 🙂

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