What does your home say about you?

This is so true. What a great way to view your home

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Our homes can be a great metaphor into understanding ourselves. Allow me to use my home as an example.

1) The front of my home:

The front of my home, aside from the garage, is covered by a huge pine tree. The tree provides shade and lots of privacy. In fact, you can’t really get a good sense of what my home even looks like until you get past the pine tree.

Similarities to me: I am a little guarded and shy at first, especially if I just met you. Call it a trust or a familiarity issue, but that’s me. I want to get a sense of who you are before I show you the inside of my soul.

2) The main floor:

Once inside, you’ll immediate notice the warmth and coziness of the main room. This is where I hang out most of the time…not to mention…

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