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Woof! Doggie bath time!

Now I am not saying this would be something I actually want but has anyone ever heard of having a dog bath in their laundry room? This must be the epitome of all luxuries for dog owners. I understand that dog baths exist, but there are special stores you go to get your give your dog a bath. Why do you need a special place to do it in your home? All I’m saying is that this seems a bit extreme to me. I guess the only people that would need this is people who show their dogs. Do people do that for a living? Either way, this doggie bath still seems a bit unnecessary to me. Plus this one is in the laundry room. I feel like dogs should never go in rooms where clean clothes might be. I lay my clothes out and fold them and sometimes they hang dry. When that dog comes out of the bath it is going to shake and get everything wet/dirty.


What is your opinion on this inner home doggie bath? Do you think it’s a little too much, like me? Or are you in favor of having them?

Up and Down a Spiral Staircase

I really want my home one day to be beautiful and elegant. Something I personally think is chic (and I know not everyone will agree) is a spiral staircase. I’ve never seen a spiral staircase that I don’t like. I think I think that because it’s beautiful on it’s own. It doesn’t need a special rug or anything else to put on it because it is good as it is. It doesn’t need anything added to it to make it better.

What are your thoughts on spiral staircases? Do you love them? Hate them? Do you have an opinion on them at all? What do you staircases look like?

Puppy face

Ok. I’m sorry but I had to do it. I’m a dog lover and  I think that no home is complete without a dog. I’m very sad because I recently had to give my dog up for adoption. He was a German Shepherd and is too big to take with me to a new apartment. I’m really sad because no home should be dog-less, but right now mine is! Today instead of using Pinterest, I used Google. I typed dog into the search and look what came up!

You would be CRAZY if you didn’t want to come home to that face everyday! So precious! What kind of dogs do you have? How does your home feel to have a dog in it? Or better yet… post a picture of your dog! I would love to see!

To work or not to work, that is the question

I have to say right now that I’m a little bit disappointed. I’m currently on the look out for some good desk options. So naturally, I typed ‘desks’ into the search option of Pinterest. I honestly didn’t find much of what I like on it. And that’s a first. Usually I find too much of what I like on Pinterest, but never nothing at all. Can anyone give me some advice on what a good desk would look like? And where I should put it? Something affordable would be great! 🙂

foR kiDz onLy!

When I was growing up, the basement was the place where the kids hang out. I absolutely loved it. My parents would hardly ever go down there because they knew it was a ‘Kids Area’. All my friends would come over and that’s where we would play and have sleepovers. Looking back, the basement wasn’t really all that great or that kid friendly. All it had was a carpet, tv, some furniture, and a desk. Pretty simple. But there was always room for sleeping bags for all my friends.

Now that I’m older, I know not to overlook the importance of having a good basement even though I know I won’t use it too often. It’s really for the kids.

But this:

This is SERIOUSLY for the kids! (probably the boys) But wow — with this kind of basement your house will be the ultimate place for sleepovers!

Do you have kid rooms? What do they look like? Where are they in your house? Or do you think its better not to have one at all?

The things that I would do to have you…

I wouldn’t consider myself a clean person. I may or may not be known for my clutter… and by that I mean that I usually am the cause to a big pile of clutter. Right now, I don’t have a lot of space to put my clothes. I think I bought a cheap closet at Ikea. I don’t have a fabulous walkin closet where I can spaciously hang/fold all my clothes. I think having a walkin closet would save me so much time every morning. Just imagine being able to see all of your clothes all at once. Wouldn’t that help you be more decisive so you can pick out your outfit in the morning or am I being crazy? Anyways, long story short is that I want a walkin closet.

What do your closets look like? Do you have a walkin? Or something like what I have…which isn’t good enough!

Beauty is everything

I think I’m overloading myself with Pinterest. It keeps showing me all these new ways that I can organize my entire life, and I want it ALL.

Getting ready in the morning can really be difficult sometimes. I have a lot of stuff that I need to use in order to get ready but between my bathroom and room there is really no good place to put it. My blow dryer will end up on the floor, curling iron on the bed and I don’t even know where my straightener ends up most days. I think we all know that putting it in a drawer just does not work. It never stays put!

This is what I found on Pinterest:

I think my bathroom would be much more organized and beautiful if I had this. It’s such a simple idea.. .but brilliant! By putting your blow dryer, curling iron, straightener and whatever else you have underneath the bathroom sink it gives you the access you need to use these tools whenever you need.

Do you have an even better system then this? Please tell me how you organize your essential morning tools! 🙂



Where did they go?

Here is a list of things that are hard/annoying to store:

  1. Toaster
  2. Blender
  3. Washing machine and drier
  4. Detergent
  5. Coffee pot

And this list could go on forever. These are not exactly the prettiest items we have in our home, and in my opinion are better not to be seen unless in use. Seeing everyone’s kitchen appliances out on the kitchen counter isn’t always the classiest look. We all know it’s there so why do we have to see it? Anyways, look at what I just found!!




I suggest you check out this website for some images of even more ways to hide those pesky appliances.

Do you have any ideas of creative way to store appliances? Please let me know of some your ways to create extra storage! 🙂



Sleep over perfection

When I was a kid, I had a sleepover almost every single weekend. It was great! We would get some sleeping bags or just a couple of blankets and have such a great night. As an adult, sleepovers as not so common. And they definitely are not called sleepovers. As kids, we would sleep in the same room but as adults we need a whole separate room for our guests. As much as I like guests rooms, LOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND ON PINTEREST!

Awesome guest basement idea

Awesome guest basement idea


It’s like the more mature version of a sleepover. Sleepover for adults!

What are some of your ideas for guest rooms?


When I was a little girl, I used to have these fantasies about being a spy. I had all of the essential gadgets at home: walkie-talkies, night vision goggles and a crazy watch where I could record my voice. The one thing I never had was a secret layer where I could be alone with my thoughts. The movies always showed me the bookcases where pulling on just one book would open the room up to a spy’s secret spot. Well guess what I just found on Pinterest…..


Secret Bookshelf

Secret Bookshelf

So, is this realistic to put in my dream home? Probably not. It’s probably not even necessary. But how awesome would it be to have?

Do you have any secrets in your home?? I would love to hear!

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